Special Operations Division

The Special Operations Division is under the command of Captain Scott Chandler. The Special Operations Division is responsible for Courthouse Security, Civil Division, Sex Offender Registry, Interdiction and Crime Suppression Units.

Courthouse Security

Courthouse Security is dedicated to providing safety and security for the Haralson County Courthouse, its patrons, Judges, their staff, Elections Office, and all courthouse personnel. The Deputies and Bailiffs assigned to the courthouse are responsible for security in Superior Court, Probate Court, Magistrate Court and Juvenile Court proceedings. There is a Deputy or Bailiff assigned to each courtroom when court is in session. These Deputies and Bailiffs are also responsible for the safety of Judges, their staffs and all courthouse personnel. Deputies assigned to the Courthouse are also responsible for fingerprinting for gun permits and court purposes.

Courthouse security can be reached by calling 770-646-2011 extension 1322.

Courthouse Security Personnel

Sgt. Alton Stamey

Sgt. Ricky Bell

Deputy Randy Poole

Bailiffs Donnie Boswell, Robert Ezell and Luke Vaccaro

Civil Division

The Civil Division is responsible for serving papers issued from Haralson County Courts (Superior, Probate, Magistrate, and Juvenile) and other Courts abroad. These papers include Garnishments, Divorce, Subpoenas, Evictions, and Judgement Collections. The Civil Division is also tasked with transporting: mental health patients to various state mental health facilities, convicted felons to prison, wanted persons to the Haralson County Detention Center, and assisting when needed at the Haralson County Courthouse.

The Civil Division can be reached at civil@haralsoncountyga.gov or by calling 770-646-2011 extension 2431.

Civil Division Personnel

Sgt. Russell Price

Cpl. Reggie Johnson

Deputy Rick Wheeler

Deputy Jordan Barnett

Sex Offender Registrar

The Sex Offender Registrar is responsible for the registration and monitoring of convicted sex offenders that reside, work, or go to college / trade school in Haralson County. For more information, visit the ‘Sex Offender’ page located off the main page under ‘Public Resources’.

The Sex Offender Registrar can be reached at sexoffenderregistrar@haralsoncountyga.gov or by calling 770-646-2011 extension 2421.


Sex Offender Registrar:

Investigator Sean Chastain

Crime Suppression Unit

The Crime Suppression Unit is responsible for conducting interdiction operations targeting illegal drugs coming into and through our county. Special Operations will also conduct operations that are geared toward high crime areas in our county working toward the goal of making our communities safer and more peaceful for our citizens. To submit a Tip, please fill out either the “Confidential Crime Tip” or the “Confidential Drug Tip” forms located on the main page.

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Crime Suppression Unit Personnel:

Sgt. T Benson

Sgt T Kirkland

K-9 Tora