Patrol Division


The Haralson County Sheriff’s Office Patrol Division is responsible for answering calls and patrolling the physical boundaries of Haralson County. The Patrol Division answers all calls where there is a complainant needing to make a report, whether it be criminal, civil or an emergency. Patrol Deputies are also responsible for patrolling the roadways of Haralson County and stopping those who violate traffic laws. Patrol Deputies are divided up into four shifts and they work 12-hour rotations. The Patrol Division is under the command of Captain Edwin Ivey.

Haralson County has a drone that can be deployed in missing person cases, search and rescue, search and recovery, mapping of crime scenes, high risk building clearance and in many other applications, The drome operator for the Haralson County Sheriff’s Office is Sgt. J Taylor. Sgt. Taylor is a remote UAS pilot certified through the FAA. Sgt. Taylor is a Field Training Officer and is also our liaison to the Governor’s Office of Highway Safety.

We have two deputies assigned K-9’s at this time.  One of the K-9 handlers and dogs are assigned to the Patrol Division. The patrol K-9 unit is K-9 Janco, a Malinois, and his handler, Sgt. Terry McAdams. You can follow this K-9 on their social media page. 

Twitter @HCSO_K9Janco