Detention Inmate Work Detail

Supervisor: Sgt. Tony Kirby

The Haralson County Jail operates an Inmate Work Program designed to provide residents of Haralson County with valuable resources at little cost to taxpayers. Inmates are given an opportunity to provide services to the community instead of simply being a tax burden on an already strained Criminal Justice System. Inmates allowed to participate in the Inmate Work Program are thoroughly screened prior to acceptance. The program operates under a strict set of rules and is governed by Georgia law 42-5-37.

The Haralson County Jail currently utilizes 4 inmate work details that provide the following services:

  • Trash Pick Up on County Roads
  • Lawn Maintenance for various county properties
  • Clean and help maintain Haralson County Animal Shelter and other county buildings.
  • Contract work for the City of Tallapoosa
  • Other services upon request.

Along with these assignments, inmate work crews are utilized at the jail for janitorial, kitchen, laundry, maintenance and grounds keeping.

It is against Georgia law (OCGA 42-5-37) for any individual person to profit from inmate labor. If you qualify (government building) and have a request for service, please email to make that request to Captain Dustin Stroup.