Inmate Communication

The Haralson County Sheriff's Office Jail Division is responsible for housing inmates in accordance with State law while maintaining a safe environment for both inmates and staff. The Jail currently houses an average of 120 inmates daily, which consists of Pretrial, State, and County sentenced inmates, both male and female.

The objective of the jail staff is to treat all inmates fairly and humanely, and to provide all inmates, staff, and visitors with a clean and healthy environment, while constantly maintaining a high level of safety and security utilizing current and nationally accepted
detention management practices.

All inmate visitation at the Haralson County Sheriff’s Office is through video chat, there is no in-person visitation.

Proper attire is required. No low-cut blouses, tank tops, short skirts, short dresses, tight-fitting pants or shirts, see-through or any other form of provocative dress will be allowed. Ladies’ blouses must have sleeves. Shirts must not expose midriff when sitting down. If
a video chat is viewed and there are violations, the inmate will lose video chat capabilities for a length of time to be determined by Detention Command staff.

All conversations will be monitored, and actions will be taken on any and all violations. Violations may include but not be limited to:

  • Any discussion of trafficking of any nature.
  • Any threat of any nature towards anyone.
  • Any discussions concerning unauthorized financial transactions.
  • Any discussions or displays involving any Security Threat Group.
  • Improperly dressed (whether it is the visitor or the offender)
  • Making any sexual gestures of any kind.
  • Gambling of any kind.
  • Operating a business or any business transactions of any kind.

Sending Money to Inmate

The Haralson County Sheriff's Office makes it easy to add money to an inmate's account ... just visit The Sheriff's Office is not responsible for this website. If you have any questions, contact Tech Friends, Inc. at 870-627-5476 M-F, 9 am-5 pm Eastern Time. The inmate can use this money to purchase personal items and snack foods from the jail's commissary. There is a $2.50 fee for each of these transactions. Friends and family members may use a credit card, debit card, or bank account to transfer the money.

Adding Money to Inmate Account in Person

There is a kiosk in the lobby of the Haralson County Sheriff’s Office where funds can be added to inmate accounts. We do not operate the kiosk; it is part of the Jail ATM program and is in our lobby for convenience only.

Inmate Mail and Packages

Note: Bulk mailings are NOT permitted at and will be denied.

In an effort to curb the introduction of drugs into facilities, Haralson County Jail has updated their policy for sending mail to inmates. Effective immediately, all inmate mail will be sent to a central processing facility, not the jail where an inmate is housed. At this central facility, mail will be opened, scanned, and emailed to the inmate at the jail facility.

All inmate mail should be mailed to the following address utilizing existing jail facility mail rules: – Haralson County Jail
Inmate name or ID
925B Peachtree St. NE, Box 2062
Atlanta, GA 30309

NOTE: Any personal mail received directly to the jail address after February 28, will be returned to the sender.

Legal Mail

Legal mail should be mailed directly to the jail facility. All legal mail must be sent by a legally approved entity. Contact the jail for a list of legally approved entities.

Business Documents

Business documents may be mailed directly to the jail facility. These include:

  • Checks
  • Passbooks
  • Deposit Slips
  • Birth Certificates
  • Social Security Cards
  • Driver's License
  • Alien Registration Card/Green Card
  • Welfare Card
  • Medical Card
  • School Diplomas
  • Personal Identification Card

To mail official documents, use this address:

Attn: Business Office - Inmate Name/Inmate Number
Haralson County Jail
P.O. Box 309
Buchanan, GA 30113

Official documents sent directly to the institution will not be delivered to the inmate, rather will be transferred to the business office and held on file for the inmate. Any general inmate correspondence for the inmate included with official documents will be destroyed.

Official documents received at facility will be forwarded to Coweta County Detention Center office for proper distribution to the facility's business offices.

Transactional Documents

For transactions that require the inmate to sign or otherwise enter information on an original in order to carry out a transaction (i.e. endorsing a check, transferring a vehicle title, etc.) the original document must be mailed as follows:

Attn: Business Office - Inmate Name/Inmate Number
Haralson County Jail
P.O. Box 309
Buchanan, GA 30113

The Business Office/designee will coordinate a time for the inmate to review, sign documents if desired and pay to have the document mailed out of the facility. Any general inmate correspondence for the inmate included with transactional documents will be destroyed and inmates will not be permitted to keep original documentation sent through this process.

Mail Requirement for Inmates

All inmates are permitted to send and receive mail. Mail can be sent to anyone EXCEPT: victims of your crime, inmates, former inmates, parolees, probationers, co-defendants, current or former Jail employees, current or former contract employees, current or former volunteers, anyone who has an active Protection from Abuse Order
(PFA) against the inmate that prohibits such contact.

Inmate Telephone Service

Haralson County uses the Pay Tel system for inmate phone calls. Pay Tel was the first in the industry to offer an innovative Prepaid Collect calling program allowing customers to open accounts to receive phone calls. The price is based on the standard, regulated local call rate at that facility plus the automated phone payment processing fee. Click here to see cost of a call to your phone.

Pay Tel accepts payments with VISA, MasterCard, Debit Card, MoneyGram and Western Union QuickCollect. The Sheriff's Office is not responsible for this service. If you have any questions, visit the Pay Tel website or call 800-729-8355.

Collect phone calls are the default calling option from jails served by Pay Tel. If you currently use a cell phone, VoIP phone, these carriers do not allow inmate collect calls to be billed to your number, making it necessary for you to establish an account with Pay Tel to accept phone calls from the jail.

If you receive a call from an inmate at the Haralson County Jail, please listen to the recording for all the details about the call including how to block future incoming calls if you desire.

If you have accidentally blocked your phone by pressing the number "7" on your dial pad, you need to call the Haralson County Sheriff's Office at 770-646-2011 to verify that you have a "7" block on your phone.

Once it is determined that you do have a "7" block on your phone you will need to bring the following items to the Haralson County Sheriff's Office: a copy of your phone bill showing the owners name and the phone number, the owner of the phone numbers photo ID (preferably a driver’s license). There will be a short form to fill out stating that you give us permission to remove the block.

If you wish you may fax the items to us, however in addition to the phone bill and photo ID we will need a notarized letter from the owner stating that they wish the block to be removed. Our fax number is 770-646-2059.