Criminal Investigations

The Criminal Investigative Division is responsible for investigating Crimes that occur in the jurisdiction of Haralson County Georgia. The crimes investigated include everything from property crimes to crimes against person. The Criminal Investigative Division responds to all major crime scenes and are called to scenes where the responding deputies need assistance in the investigative side of a case. The Criminal Investigative Division is under the command of Lieutenant Donnie Mapp

  • Property crimes are crimes where property is stolen, this can include burglaries, theft of vehicles and theft of services.
  • Financial crimes are crimes that are committed by stealing identity or money from individuals. These can include computer-based crimes, scams, thefts, identity theft and frauds. 
  • Crimes against persons are crimes where a person is injured, assaulted or killed. These include aggravated assaults, domestic violence, elder abuse, missing persons, murder and sexual assaults. 
  • Crimes against children are crimes that are perpetrated against children. These include exploitation of children, physical assaults and sexual assaults. 

Crime Scene Investigations are handled by the Investigator in charge of the case and the Crimes Scene Technician. The Crime Scene Technician is responsible for identifying, collecting and preserving evidence at crime scenes. The Crimes Scene Technician is trained in advanced photography, Blood Pattern Analysis, Shooting Incident Reconstruction, Trace Evidence, Death Investigations and more.

Evidence collected by Deputies, Investigators and Crime Scene Technicians are stored in the Haralson County Sheriff’s Office Evidence room, a secure room. The evidence custodian logs all evidence, signs out evidence for court or returns evidence to the owners when the case is finished though the judicial system.