Controlled Dangerous Substances

Sheriff Williams is especially concerned about the impact on controlled substances on residents of all ages in Haralson County and alarmed by the growing trend of deadly overdose and crimes committed because of drug habits.

The state of Georgia classifies well-known drugs like marijuana, heroin and cocaine as controlled substances, as well as the compounds and materials used to manufacture them.

Georgia ranks Controlled Dangerous Substances (CDS) into five schedules, according to their likelihood for abuse. (Georgia Code Section 16-13-25 through 16-13-29.) Certain drugs, like codeine, may be legally possessed with a valid prescription.

  • Schedule I drugs (such as heroin) have a high potential for abuse and have no accepted medical use.
  • Schedule II drugs (such as opium and morphine) have a high potential for abuse, have an accepted medical use with severe restrictions and their abuse has the potential for severe psychic and physical dependence.
  • Schedule III drugs (such as anabolic steroids) have a potential for abuse less than Schedule I or II drugs, have an accepted medical use and their abuse may lead to low or moderate physical dependence and high psychological dependence.
  • Schedule IV drugs (such as diazepam) have a lower potential for abuse than Schedule III drugs, have an acceptable medical use and their abuse may lead to limited psychological and physical dependence in relation to Schedule III drugs.
  • Schedule V drugs have the lowest potential for abuse relative to Schedule IV CDS, have a currently accepted medical use, and have a limited risk of physical or psychological dependence relative to Schedule IV CDS. Schedule V drugs include medicines that contain very small amounts of specified narcotic drugs.

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