Community Relations

The responsibilities of the Haralson County Sheriff’s Office go beyond its core law enforcement and corrections functions. The HCSO strives to enhance and improve the lives of those it serves through a variety of programs and services designed to create and preserve a feeling of safety and security within our communities. It is the goal of Sheriff Stacy Williams to establish and maintain a true partnership with all residents and businesses to provide the most responsive, highest quality law enforcement service possible.

The men and women of this department make every effort to initiate and maintain lasting partnerships with the community; treat all people with dignity, respect, fairness, and compassion; to maintain high standards of professionalism, integrity and ethics as well as foster a productive working relationship with other law enforcement agencies.

Now, more than ever, strong relationships of mutual trust between law enforcement agencies and the communities they serve are critical to maintaining public safety and effective policing. We rely on the cooperation of our residents to provide information about crime in their neighborhoods, and to work with us to devise solutions to crime and disorder problems. Similarly, the willingness of those residents to trust us depends on whether they believe our actions reflect community values and incorporate the principles of procedural justice and legitimacy.

This major component of law enforcement is commonly overlooked by the media. From educating children in schools about the danger of using illegal drugs through the Choosing Healthy Activities and Promoting Safety (C.H.A.M.P.S.) program, to providing driver safety education, to coordinating neighborhood watch associations, to speaking at business luncheons, schools and community town hall meetings, Sheriff Williamsworks diligently to make our communities safe and to provide a friendly environment for the people his department serves.

Another way we work toward fostering positive community relationships is through the Haralson Sheriff’s Foundation LTD.

Georgia legislation through the Law Enforcement Strategic Support Act, known as the LESS Crime Act, now allows Georgia taxpayers and businesses to claim tax credit for supporting local public safety efforts by contributing to qualified law enforcement foundations. The donation received by qualified foundations can be used for training, buying and/or maintaining equipment or bonuses. Sheriff Stacy Williams has worked to establish and qualify the Haralson Sheriff’s Foundation LTD to make a way for donations to be received that can be utilized to enhance the safety of our law enforcement officers, and our citizens as well.