Commending Superior Performance

If you would like to recognize a Haralson County Sheriff's Office Deputy or other staff member who has performed his/her duties in a manner you think is exceptional and reflects favorably upon the individual and the Sheriff's Office, we encourage you to take a moment and tell us about it. Such a positive and appreciative atmosphere improves agency morale and helps all members of the Sheriff's Office work harder to improve their individual performances and the quality of the services they provide to the public.

Correspondence complimenting superior performance by a Haralson County Sheriff’s Deputy will be brought to the employee’s attention. Additionally, it will be placed in the employee’s personnel file. Please share with us your stories and experiences about Haralson County's finest. Write to the Sheriff at the address provided, send an email, or if you prefer, use the contact us form on this website or send an email to the sheriff.

Sheriff Stacy Williams
137 Hayes Glass Drive
Bremen, GA 30110